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Region of Hotel Fazenda Reviver

Fazenda Ipanema

The National Forest is located in Fazenda Ipanema in Iperó, part of the first years of Brazil and the outward mark of settlers into the country.
It was there, on top of Morro Araçoiaba which Affonso Sardine Mameluke and son settled in 1589, the first furnace for the manufacture of iron, recognized as the first attempt to manufacture iron on American soil.

Other experiments succeeded this pioneer, as the towns, which led to the main city of the region, are formed with the reconstruction and closing of new iron furnaces.

The arrival of the Portuguese Royal Family to Brazil marks the beginning of the Real Fabric de Ferro de Ipanema, the first national steel, created by charter of King John VI.

From 1811 to 1895, the metallurgy brought technology to the country and works of innovative construction, and Europe to address them and craftsmen to work the ores from Ipanema.

The end of the Empire also marks the end of the Real Fabric of Ipanema to the Department of the Army.

Later, as the 20th century, the Ministry of Agriculture will administer it, exploring the apatite for the manufacture of fertilizers.

And, through research centers with different names, it makes testing and development of agricultural machinery.

Decree Number 530 of 20 May 1992, created the National Forest of Ipanema, which obeys the rules of conservation units. And sets the objectives and activities in their 5069.73 hectares.

The forest has four tracks, one of which, after a walk of six miles, leads to the top of a hill with 970 meters of altitude, where there is the stunning nature around, you find the viewpoint of Ipanema with a memorable scene with a view inside a 360 grades. Below is the cave of the Monk of Ipanema, a magic place where the faithful make their offerings thanks and requests in the "Holy Stone", place where the monk lived and slept. It is a ride that is worth and ask about the history of the Monk of Ipanema to your guide. In the National Forest can be seen from Ipanema nail-monkeys, wolves, guara, jaguatiricas, cats maracajá, spies and pavós. But the most interesting of the forest are the remnants of the colonial era in Brazil.

It is a historical tour, cultural, ecological and mystical of the utmost importance and so unforgettable as it is one of the largest forest reserves of the State of São Paulo. And it is just 10 minutes from the hotel.

Blue Lake Golf Club

Founded in 1978, the Blue Lake Golf Club is recognized as one of the most beautiful, wooded and competitive in the country.

Currently has twelve rays with gentle undulations, par 72 and bermuda grass "Tifton 328", from Georgia - USA

The head office in Brazilian colonial style, has a letter room with fireplace, bar and restaurant, changing rooms and terraces with a panoramic view of the golf course and to the driving range and putting green.

The Blue Lake Golf Club is independent of the condominium, offering green fees, golf lessons, a mini camp for children with three lanes, plus a pro-shop with all the equipment necessary to practice this incredible sport.

For those who want to play golf, we have agreement with the Blue Lake Golf Club.

Araçoiaba da Serra

Araçoiaba da Serra, 118 kilometers from the capital, its environs remains in custody of the history and nature vibrant, and have the second best climate in the country.

Some cities in the interior of São Paulo surprise the visitor. This is the case of small Araçoiaba da Serra, west of the capital city, and an hour and 15 minutes away by one of the best roads of the country, Castelo Branco.

Graceful and quiet, the council brings together history and nature, and good food and lodging. The name was given by the Indians Araçoiaba tupiniquins to look during the evening, the shadow formed by the only mountain in the region and means "hiding from the sun." Their home neighborhood trails, waterfalls, streams and a rich fauna of birds, mammals and reptiles, some rare and threatened with extinction.

As the solar incidence is very high all year and is recommended as one of the best air treatment for respiratory problems such as bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, etc.


Getting There em Sorocaba:

São Paulo / Itu / Campinas
Rod. Castelo Branco (SP 280)
Araçoiaba / Itapetininga / Alumínio
Rod. Raposo Tavares (SP 270)
Rod. Sorocaba – Itu (SP 79)
Porto Feliz / Iperó
Rod. Emerciano Prestes de Barros (SP 97)
Salto de Pirapora / Votorantim / Piedade
Rod. João Leme dos Santos (SP 264)